Firm Overview


Principal partner's intro to MS & Co

After years of exposure to an array of legal fields including Advocacy, and the wide range of multifaceted legal issues presented in clientèle portfolios of: Banks and Insurance companies, Tertiary Educational institutions, Government agencies, private enterprise corporations, and, private clients. The momentum for MS & Co Principal Partner's business foresight to modernise a heritage firm, Sobo Sowemimo & Co, coincided in the decision to position MS & Co as the international outward looking wing with local and international professional associated networks. MS & Co is a Nigerian law firm offering affiliated local services in traditional legal practice areas as well as international legal services in new practice areas. Introduction of Public International Law, Entertainment, IP, and, Media Law practice areas amongst other practice areas aim to stretch the Firm into new service areas that are compatible with multi disciplinary background of Counsels. Whether in the case of local, or, international public sector servicing, or, practice areas where innovative Counsels service are required as in the case of up tempo practice areas like Entertainment, IP, and, Media Law. Clients are afforded service by a Firm that is in tune and attentive to their legal concerns in both traditional and, re grouped practice areas embodied in MS & Co. Where particular briefs are complex and require specialists team attention the Firm's professional team services is streamlined through data base of international, and, local professional associate networks, for smooth delivery of sterling team service skills in Firm's respective practice areas.

A modern outlook law firm enhancing the capabilities of the information technology age through the international business internet highway. The Firm appreciates the need of international businesses to have trusted legal hands in a developing political environment, and, as may also be required may provide affiliated references for political risk assessment. In its strict professional pre occupation, the Firm's mission statement is twofold. Cater for local and, international business communities legal servicing within world of commercial opportunities that the business hub of Nigeria in West Africa presents. Whilst advancing good governance legal environment in the Nigerian jurisdiction. In serving the public MS & Co matches professional capabilities with technology advancements to capitalize on its professional including public sector links. To provide convenient local and, international legal services for discerning clients with practical needs.

MS & Co practice areas in general view include: Personal Injuries/Tort; Private International Law; Banking, Project, and, Corporate Finance; Business and Company Law; International Trade Law; Family Law, and, Estate Planning; Public Administrative and Constitutional Law; Public International Law; Civil Liberties/Human Rights Law; Charity and Trust Law; Entertainment, Agency, IP, and, Media Law; Real Estate Law and; Civil & Criminal Litigation. With a full service law library, MS & Co presently has office address in two states in Nigeria: Lagos, and, Ogun State. Making competitive use of its savvy heritage the Firm's outreach is extended with both networks of local associates in other regional States as well as network of international affiliations not excluding within continental Africa.

Legal Advisory & Support Services also rendered by MS & Co under respective practices areas include as follows. In the area of Business & Company Law, legal opinions solicited on complex business transactions. In the area of Administrative & Constitutional Law: rendering of support services to legislators for government legislative drafting; lobbying government on behalf of business and associations on policies inhibitive to trade concerns of Associations, and; Consumers Rights protection services. In the area of Entertainment Law innovative agency support services are open for considerations.